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Once upon a time, my bloggy confessionaly, I was addicted to Law & Order. I know I'm not alone. The reasons are many and various, but basically it's a show that's interesting and engaging, but you don't have to watch from week to week. Each show is its own little drama ... and, it's on ALL the time. Honestly. If you have cable tv - which I did at the time - you can watch L&O all night every night of the week in its various forms on multiple stations. Don't like one L&O, switch the channel and it will be on in another flavor.

My addiction was broken when I cancelled my cable tv in an effort to simplify my life. Of course, now I'm living in a convent which has sattelite tv. I've managed to avoid a relapse, but I have been known on ocassion to plop down in front of the tv and if nothing worth watching is on I will think of finding a L&O rerun before I think of turning the tv off to go read a good book.

I know I'm not really over my addiction because of the BRIEF heart moment that my heart stopped when I read this headline in the WaPo: Thompson Run Could Trigger Equal Time Rule. Well, actually, it was the teaser headline on the WaPo main page that said "Run Could Stop Law & Order Reruns."

(In case you too are addicted to L&O, don't worry. It's not that ALL reruns would be cancelled, just the ones with Fred as DA.)

By the way, I've been working through lots of unbloggables. Hope to have a few more meaningful and spiritual posts up soon!

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Mollie said...

That could be kind of great, actually, because then maybe TNT would start showing more of the really old episodes (the ones with Adam Schiff). I think I've already seen every Fred Thompson episode, more than once at this point, so I'd welcome some "new-to-me" episodes! Not that I actually need to watch more "Law & Order."