tuning in

We had another great two days at our intercommunity novitiate program. Great, but per usual exhausting - hence I'm sitting here in my room with my feet up listening to music. I noticed a pattern in the songs my itunes was picking out for me (it's set on shuffle), which reminded me of a variation of the ipod meme I played a while back. The results are interesting to say the least.

The idea: let your mp3 player randomly select a few songs (no cheating) and see what kind of message you get. The theory is the Spirit can work through technology just as well as through people. And what is my mp3 player telling me this Wednesday evening?

Song # 1: Holiday by Weezer

Let's go away for a while
You and I
To a strange and distant land
Where they speak no word of truth
But we don't understand anyway

The message - well, after 6 months in the Novitiate I think it's safe to say it's a strange and distant land where I don't always understand what's going on! :)

Song # 2: The Transfiguration by Sufjan Stevens

What he said to them,
the voice of God: the most beloved son.
Consider what he says to you, consider what's to come.

The message - a pretty good reminder that the point of this time apart isn't to be away from those I love (even if I am), but to be in a space where I'm better able to listen to what God has to say.

Song # 3: Make It Up by Ben Kweller

Have you made up your mind?
It's the only way
Have you made it up? Have you made it up?
I admire the time that you take.
Have you made it up? Have you made it up?
I still think we should meditate.

The message: discernment is a process. It takes time, it takes prayer. You can't rush it.

Song # 4: Stratford-on-Guy by Liz Phair
It took an hour, maybe a day
But once I really listened the noise
Just went away
The message: I've been practicing sitting meditation each day the past few months. In a given time period, let's say 20 minutes, the thoughts sometimes seem to come whizzing into my little brain a mile a minute. But there are those moments, when the noise just goes away and I can be present. Be still and now that I am God

Song # 5 -
A Movie Script Ending by Death Cab for Cutie

Passing through unconscious states.
When i awoke i was on
The onset of a later stage... the headlights are beacons on the highway.

The message: I'm on the journey. If I look back at the past six months, I'm a different person on a different part of the path. I may not see what's ahead of the curve, but most days I can trust in the process. I can trust that the headlights will light the way.

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