celebrity sighting

We have a groovy sister visitor from our western province this weekend. Sr. Alexandra is giving us a workshop on our Constitutions. When I picked her up at the airport this morning, I saw someone that looked really familiar at the baggage claim. "He looks like someone I know from Portland," I thought to myself and then it hit me ... Art Alexakis from Everclear!

Before they sort of hit it big with one of their few-hit-wonders, I saw Everclear perform live at a small club in Portland named the Satyricon. (As an interesting aside, Wikipedia claims that Kurt Cobain met Courtney love at a Dharma Bums show at the Satyricon!) Yes, this nun has been known to frequent alternative and punk rock shows. Shocking I know, although I haven't been to a show since I added "Sr." to the front of my name - something I hope to rectify one of these days. I did go to a folk music concert a month or so ago courtesy of a friend which was great. I like live music in general.

Anyway, to get back to my story, I was at the show with a few girlfriends of mine. Too be honest I wasn't too excited about Everclear, and I was quite disturbed by the rowdy antics of the slam dancing crowd around me. At one point, my friend Heather was really about to get smooshed by some inconsiderate drunk boys. Then, all of a sudden, Art Alexakis stops the band mid song and tells the rowdy boys to chill out before they "hurt that girl" ... my friend Heather. I've had a soft spot for Art ever since.

When I pointed him out to Alexandra, she said that he was sitting next to her in the plane. According to Wikipedia he declared bankruptcy in 2006 for owing $2.75 million
in back taxes. Guess that explains why he was flying coach.


Joan said...

I remember my mother was stunned once to sit near a group of sisters at a Mary-Chapin Carpenter concert. But everyone likes live music!

Eric Berg said...

Sister Susan,

I was at that very show at Satyricon where Courtney met Kurt. Truth be told, I was there and/or the Pine Street Theatre three or four nights a week circa 1986-1991. I was also at the infamous "Satyricon Riot" show, while the Bums were on stage. Don't you miss the Portland of our 20s?

Three of the four members of the Dharma Bums were my mates at Scotts Mills Elementary and/or Silverton High Schools (Oregon). The fourth is now drumming for the Decemberists.

I've only talked to him a few times, but Art's always seemed like a pretty down-to-earth guy.



Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Eric ... so great to hear from you!!

Yes I do miss the Portland of my 20's. For one thing it was my college town. For another, I had fun in my 20's. I spent probably one night a week either at the X-Ray Cafe or LaLuna (which used to be the Pine Strett I believe) circa 1990-1994. Ocassionally we'd head to the Satyricon for a show.

Ahhhh.... the good old days! :)

I had no idea that one of the Decemberists is an old Dharma Bum, or that you went to school with them. It's a small world!