nouwen on today's gospel

I shared this reflection by Henri Nouwen on today's Gospel during our morning prayer.

Today we heard the story of the encounter between Jesus and Mary of Magdala, two people who love each other. Jesus says, “Mary.” She recognizes him and says, “Rabboni,” which means “Master.” This simple and deeply moving story brings me in touch with my fear as well as my desire to be known. When Jesus calls Mary by her name, he is doing much more than speaking the word by which everybody knows her, for her name signifies her whole being. Jesus knows Mary of Magdala. He knows her story: her sin and her virtue, her fears and her love, her anguish and her hope. He knows every part of her heart. Nothing in her is hidden from him. He knows her even more deeply and more fully than she knows herself. Therefore, when he utters her name he brings about a profound event. Mary suddenly realizes that the one who truly knows her truly loves her.


Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

THANK YOU for posting this! Henri Nouwen's writings have never failed to move my soul and reach me in just the place where I need to be reached. You have no idea how timely it was for me to read this just when I needed it the most.