Nun Quiz

A friend of mine recently mailed me a book ... about nuns of course. It's a 20 year old humor book by a man named Tom Carey called quite eloquently, "The Nun Book." In the back is a quiz to test your vocation to religious life. The book seems to be out of print, so I'll copy the quiz here for your perusal:
Are you Closing the Door on Jesus? Or Do You Have a True Vocation?
Stuck in a dead end job? Tired of dumping frozen french fries into endless vats of hot grease? Sick of scooping double-dip Rocky Road sugar cones? Maybe it's time for a change! The following quiz, prepared by the author in conjunction with leading psychologists, theologians and biorhythm specialists, will help you determine if you might be a candidate for the fast-paced and challenging career of a Roman Catholic nun. Put your name and today's date in the upper right hand corner. Answer A, B, or C.

1. Which of the following career choices most appeal to you? A. Cocktail waitress, actress, "21" dealer in Vegas. B. Avon Lady, Tupperware District Manager, hair designer. C. Librarian, organist, missionary.
2. As a youngster you liked to: A. Throw dead beetles at your little brother. B. Play with Dionne Quintuplets paper dolls. C. Pretend you were St. Joan of Arc.
3. Your favorite birthday present was: A. A Swiss Army knife. B. A Smurf sticker book. C. A rosary that was blessed by the Pope.
4. Choose the outfit you'd love to wear: A. Black beret, white plastic triangle earrings, see-through blouse with black bra, pink skirt, 6" wide green vinyl belt, black net stockings with seams, pink ballet slippers. B. Levi's, Notre Dame sweatshirt, lavender running shoes, C. Calf length polyester skirt, brown sweater, brown orthopedic oxfords.
5. Your bedroom is decorated with posters of: A. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. B. Buddy Holly and James Dean. C. Pope John Paul II and Perry Como.
6. Your favorite movie is: A. Madonna's "A Certain Sacrifice." B. "Gone with the Wind". C. "The Song of Bernadette"
7. The following hairstyle is The Real You: A. Mohawk with streaks of purple, green and pink. B. Wavy perm, lots of mousse. C. Bun.
8. As a young girl, you thought your parents: A. Must have been born in the 17th Century. B. Had a lot of fun in the Couples' Bridge Marathon. C. Were infallible.
9. The "Man of Your Dreams": A. Drives a Harley Hog, has a pierced ear, drinks gin on the rocks, raises pit bulls. B. Uses Brut, likes soap-on-a-rope, wears Ralph Lauren Chinos, drives a BMW 320i. C. Drives a 1977 Chevy Nova, wears black wing tips, sells aluminum awnings, lives with his 76 year old mother.
10. The very best book you ever read was: A. The Life and Times of the Marquis de Sade. B. Crossings by Danielle Steel. C. The Bobsey Twins at the Seashore by Laura Lee Hope.
11. Your favorite magazine is: A. Cycle World, B. Cosmopolitan, C. Readers Digest.

How to Determine Your Score: Give yourself one point for each A answer, two for each B and three for each C. If you scored 7 to 11 point, forget it. You're not closing the door on Jesus, you'll never even hear him ring the bell.

If you scored 11 to 15 points, you might want to examine your conscience and make a weekend Retreat to decide if convent life is your cup of tea. You can always cancel the subscription to Cosmopolitan.

If you scored higher than 15 points, Jesus is whispering in your ear. Think of how proud your parents would be to have a nun in the family! Think of the fun you'd have singing second soprano in the convent choir! Think of the reward you'll earn in Heaven through a lifetime of self-denial, penance, chastity, silent prayer, and personal mortification! Go ahead - open the door to Jesus.

I of course scored 26 points. Guess I'm in the right place!

And for the record, I received the Smurf sticker book at my 6th birthday party. It was very smurfy!

On a more serious note, the quiz makes light of a very serious thing - although humor is very important in life! We get in trouble when we take ourselves too seriously.

If you think you might indeed possibly someday think about the fact that religious life could in the right circumstances make sense to you, I'd suggest talking to a vocation or spiritual director, reading Vision magazine, checking out this online discernment retreat, or if you are so inclined drop me a line off blog. My e-mail is in the contact section to the right. In my experience those pesky persistent thoughts will keep coming back until you at least acknowledge their existence.


Anonymous said...

24 points for me! :)

Sandy, csj said...

I only scored 20, but I guess I'm still safe...

Brittany said...

I got 25 points... and I also got a smurf sticker book. ;)

I chose the guy who raises pit bulls. I LOVE pit bulls. :D

Christine said...


Mickey90210 said...

I got 25 points. I have always wanted to be a nun ever since I was around 7 or 6. I am 13 now and I still think of it. I have switched around religions, though.

Anonymous said...

30 points ;) nice quiz, thanks

Anonymous said...

I also got 30 points! (only in high school too)

Anonymous said...

I got 25 and I'm male. Oh dear God I am worried sick now. lol How do you solve a problem like Maria !?

Anonymous said...

26... and I am a junior in high school! :-)

Amanda Pritchard said...

Wow! I am almost thirteen. (B-day in March) I have wanted to be an Ursuline nun since fourth grade. My score was 32!!!!! I even have a "shrine" in my room, so maybe I am called to the religious life. I sure hope so!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Amanda, thanks for leaving a comment!

One of my best younger Sister friends is an Ursuline!

Sister Susan

Anonymous said...

I scored a 28 and I am engaged to be married--am I in the right place? IDK but I am taking your advice--I am visiting a convent in ND next week to see if that is the right calling for me...thank you!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Blessings on your journey

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at this site hoping for some of the real issues facing dedicated and faith-filled women struggling with our alienated role in the Catholic Church. With misogyny raging this is disappointing. Check out Joan Chittister and Jamie Manson's articles in this weeks NCR... two faith-filled women truly leading the way and respectful of all who journey in faith not just the "nuns."

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Dear anonymous friend,

Thanks so much for your note. I truly appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment on this five year old post from early in my journey.

I am also glad that you are able to find strength and inspiration in the words of other writers at this time. Each of us must walk our own path and share in this public sphere as we feel called.

At this time, I am choosing not to write publicly about my own struggles with the institution. For me right now at this time, it makes more sense to keep that in conversations with those near to me, in my journal, and in prayer.

That said, I have felt a renewed call, however, to daily (or almost daily) writing on the blog. I am trying to share some of my ministry, my experience in community, my positive experience of the Church in terms of all of us, the body of Christ.

Blessings of Peace,
Susan Rose, CSJP

Dominique said...

Remember that we must not get too caught up in our luck in quizzes! Although I think this is a great way to get a taste of what one might be meant to do, remember, the best way to know is not to take an Internet quiz but to talk to the big guy himself! ;) He wants what is best for you so he will for sure tell you what your vocation is! In the meantime, just be open to Jesus and he will tell you at the right moment! I know from experience that the more I pray about things, the more God will make things clear in my life! I am praying for all of you who are decerning a vocation! God Bless!

Erika said...

Cool! I am 13 and I got a 30. Since September 2012 I have though about and felt called to the religious life. I have heard many times,"I think your going to be a nun when you get older." In your article you stated that parents would be proud to have a nun in the family, I disagree though. Parents say things like,"Being cloistered is a waste of life!","Why, you don't have to be a nun to be holy?"Ever since I have felt called to the religious life I have been happier. Truly this is what I think God is calling me to. Then sometimes parents say,"You have to go live life." But honestly I think I am. I don't think getting drunk, stealing things and doing bad things is life, I view it as disrespect to life!

Sierra said...

I got 33. And I have been trying to discern lately what God's plans for my future are and I even have been thinking about the religious life.