Simpsons Me

Thanks to Natty for the link to the Create Your Own Avatar tool on the website for the upcoming Simpsons Movie (to be released on my 35th Birthday - or July 27, 2007 to the rest of you!).

My brother sent me a link to another website where you can use your actual photo to make a more accurate Simpsons me. I guess I don't have any good close up photos of myself, because I couldn't get that one to work.

I like the one I created today though on the Simpsons Movie site. I'm ready to go to an Environmental Protest - that's why I'm wearing the 3-eyed fish t-shirt. (My fictional Simpsons me is going to the fictional protest - the real life me is going to take our Novice-to-be on a drive today to show her how to get to the retreat center where the Intercommunity Novitiate takes place. It will be a drive down memory lane!)

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Anonymous said...

that looks somuch like you. i will do it see what i look like.