virtual community

Every once in a while I ask myself why I spend time on this blogging experiment. It is a bit odd to share one's journey (and occasionally glimpses into one's soul) with complete strangers.

But then I find myself in the midst of a virtual conversation and I remember, this is why I do this. To make connections, to share my story and to hear someone else's story as well as we all stumble along in this journey of faith.

The other day I read a post by fellow discerning woman Sarah, which prompted me to share some thoughts on obedience here and here. That in turn prompted another discerning woman - Natty - to share her thoughts. Not to mention the folks that commented on my own original post.

That's what I love about blogging. How else could a group of women who are scattered around the globe and have never met in person share their experiences of discernment and thoughts on the vow of obedience. Very cool.

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