as time goes by

One year ago this week:
This week I’m finishing closing up house, selling my car, canceling utilities, and saying good bye to people. One thing I don’t have to do is go to work since I quit my J.O.B. Yeah me!! I realized today I won’t have to go to work in the traditional sense for the next year! I’ll be busy and doing other types of work, but it will be good to have a rest from the daily grind.
That year is almost over, as my canonical year ends September 9th. And what are my plans for this rainy day, one year later?
  • Morning Prayer with the Sisters in my house
  • Discussion group on the Vows
  • Grocery Shopping for the house (as well as looking for a plug adapter/converter to take with me to London)
  • Making dinner (It's a homemade Mac and Cheese kind of day)
  • Evening prayer
  • Eating said dinner
  • A quiet evening
So, as it turns out today is actually quite a busy day for me! Yes, at this point in my life this is a busy day. How things change! But it's a good and different kind of busy. I've often said that in the novitiate, time is a different kind of time. It has a time warp quality to it. A day can go by and I feel like it's been so "full," but then I reflect and look at what I did that day and the busy items are few.

The rhythm of my life will soon be changing as I head to London September 14th for my ministry experience. So I suppose that means I should enter into these last weeks fully!

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