CSJP heads to Rwanda

When Sr. Mindy McDonald saw the request for French speaking nurses familiar with the latest in HIV/AIDS treatment to minister in Rwanda, she thought "How could I not apply?" You see, she was a French major in college and has spent years working with patients with HIV and AIDS in New York City. And yet, it takes great courage to answer that call and take the plunge!

Mindy will be leaving next week for a 9 month stay in Rwanda. She will spend about six weeks in each of several rural clinics in the northwest region of the country. Her main job will be to work with the local health care workers as they learn both to use the new medications effectively and to educate their patients in taking them.

I for one am very excited for her. As my short visit to El Salvador taught me, wherever one CSJP is there we all are. When we gathered for Dorothy's Reception as a novice two weeks ago, we also took the opportunity to bless Mindy as she begins her new adventure. (That's what the picture is all about).
Mindy, we raise our hands in blessing you.
May God, the Divine Healer and the God of Wholeness, encircle you with peace; encircle you with love; and encircle you with joy.

We encircle you with our prayers as you go forth to Rwanda's People.

May you be your best self to astonish a mean world with your healing hands, tender heart and acts of kindness.
May you take the hands of the people with AIDS and encourage others to do likewise.
May you bring the presence of your CSJP Community to the Rwandan people.
May you go in peace surrounded by the light of the Creator. Amen.


Anonymous said...

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength
God Bless you and keep you safe...

Lisa said...

For as long as I have known her (actually since she was a novice), Mindy has continued to have a heart of pure love. What an amazing gift to be able to be present with Rwandans for this period of accompaniment.