Sister Guillermina

My friend (and Jesuit Novice) Jason sent me a link to this story.

Sister Guillermina's convent in East Timor has become a camp for more than 2,000 people displaced by the conflict in that country. Check out the link, which has a different story for each picture. For example, the story behind this picture is:
Working for peace is dangerous, even for nuns. Sister Guillermina has had a knife held to her neck 11 times and a gun pointed to her head three times. "The first time I was scared but then I got used to it."She confiscates the weapons of gang members in the camp, which include machetes, metal arrows and slingshots.
Jason suggested I categorize this post as "Cool Nun Does Good" or something like that. After reading the link, that's a fairly accurate assessment!


Anonymous said...

Sister Guillermina is a member of the Canossian Daughters of Charity. Yes, they are certainly doing a great job in East Timor. The order which Sister Guillermina belongs to is Italian in origin and they are found in many countries all over the world. There is also VOCIA which is the CANOSSIAN INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE and you can find out more on this website -
May we continue to pray for peace in the world and to do our part in promoting peace.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks for the info about this wonderful Sister!