(new) home

I am safely ensconced in my temporary home. The flight went fairly well, and when I got through immigration and customs one of my new housemates was there to greet me! We then took the train and the underground and a bus to our house here in the Cricklewood Section of London. I hope I appreciate every single item I packed in my bags, because I was tired after carrying it all!

This afternoon I took a short walk around the neighborhood. It’s a very diverse neighborhood, as illustrated by the assortment of South Asian and African shops and restaurants. I will enjoy poking around over the next few months. Our street is quite lovely - I just need to keep an eye out for the traffic on the “wrong” side of the road!

My Sister housemates here have been very gracious, making me feel right at home. I have a lovely room overlooking the garden. I’ve already consumed lots of tea. And it feels like home. One great benefit of joining a religious community is that you suddenly have many places to call home!

Monday I’ll be heading to the homeless day centre where I’ll be volunteering to learn more about the possibilities there. For now I’m just going to continue getting settled in.




Lisa said...

Susan, thanks for letting us know of your safe arrival and early moments in your new CSJP place. Prayers continue to accompany you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a safe journey, and our getting settled in your new home. Be very careful stepping off the curb, Americans look the wrong way when stepping into the street. Hope you like tea and warm beer!
God Bless!

Susan D said...

How wonderful that you're there, you're awake, and you're already posting! Enjoy every minute, enjoy being at home in a new country. You're right, one of the benefits of religious life is having so many sisters to visit - and then there are all the cousins (sisters & brothers in other religious orders) - it's the best way to travel!

Jason nSJ said...

I feel like there's all kinds of things I should tell you to do in London. But you probably won't have time, nor the budget.

But, you should try to make it for choral vespers at St. Paul's Cathedral.