saturday update

Sorry for such a long break. I’m still here. Things are still going well, although I’ve still got the remains of a pesky cold and my wireless access here is being quite temperamental!

We went for a meeting today with the other Sisters who live in the London area. Our Congregation – like many these days – is looking at being one Congregation without provinces. That will be the main thrust of our General Chapter next summer. In the meantime, we’re having various opportunities to discuss and reflect what that might look like. Tonight’s meeting was one of those opportunities. I’ve now attended similar discussions in all three provinces, and even though the situations and the people are different depending on where you are, the Spirit is the same. Quite wonderful really.


Barbara said...

When I lived in Japan for a year, many years ago, I got to know a few CNDs -- Congregation de Notre Dame, a group of religious who taught me in college and who are part of the history of Quebec, where I now live. I was astonished how the personality of the CNDs in Japan were so like that of the intelligent and spunky sisters I knew in North America. It is a credit to the spirit of the respective foundresses and the leadership down through the years that the charism transcends cultures and time. That is especially fortunate when communities are realigning themselves as you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Susan, you're even beginning to talk like a Brit! I noticed it several posts back, but decided to just sit back and watch for a trend. Indeed, 'tis there! ;-p

Susan Rose, CSJP said...


Don't know about that, although i keep getting asked if I'm a Canadian of all things.

Barbara - thanks for sharing!