butter side up

I'm tired, but thought I'd check in before I head to bed. Plus tomorrow I'm not working at the day center which means I don't have to get up at 5:30 am!

My first two days at the center have been great. For one thing, I am now an expert at buttering toast, seeing as that's been my main job between the hours of 8am and 9:30 both days! Lest you think that's all I do, I've also been in charge of the toaster, which is really quite complicated. And I've been helping out with various and sundry other things in the catering department for both breakfast and lunch. I head back on Monday, when I hope to continue toast duty in the mornings and then move on to the training center where I'll be working with the clients as they learn or update their computer skills. Aside from the decrease in physical labor, I'm looking forward to working one on one with the clients. All the staff and volunteers have been great, and the clients as well. I've never been called "love" or "darling" so much in my life!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Pax Christi UK to see how I might be able to help out there. This also means I need to figure out how to get somewhere new, including a bus change! Luckily all the bus stops here are lettered so if I keep an eye out on the signs, I should do a-ok.

Still getting used to the house. Haven't had time to explore the neighborhood. Washed my first load of laundry today and hung it up to dry on this nifty contraption that comes down from the ceiling. Haven't tried cooking yet - that will probably happen next week.

But for now, bed. I'm still trying to get over a not too nasty but still quite annoying cold.

Peace my friends,

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Turtle Lady said...

Yippee! It sounds like you are rather enjoying yourself even though you're looking forward to increased responsibility. So, is the toaster one of those types built into to the stove? The house I stayed in last time I was there had one, it was natural gas so we also had to light the toaster! Of course there was a little switch that was supposed to spark it, but it didn't always work so they kept matches handy just in case. I can't wait to hear more about your duties, this work sounds much more up your alley than the hospital.