Still here. Feeling a bit under the weather with a cold that won't go away - I think it's the combined effect of being in a new country with all new germs, working with homeless folks who are out in the elements and as such often coughing & sneezing, and being busier than I'd been the previous year. The end result is some coughing & sneezing myself. I also seem to be losing my voice! I did manage to make my way to see a doctor today - I need to be careful with my asthma - and am on medication and taking it easy.

Other than that little snafu, all is well! Autumn is here. The weather is cooler and the trees are changing color and/or dropping leaves. It's also a bit wet and dreary here like Portland, so I'm actually feeling quite at home.

On the TV front, I watched "Strictly Come Dancing" - the original BBC version of our "Dancing with the Stars." I missed my NJ housemates who I always watched that show with. I also caught a bit of Michael Palin's (of Monty Python fame) New Europe - a great show where he travels around countries that were once behind the Iron Curtain. I don't usually watch much tv, but figured it's part of the rest regimen!

Hope all is well in your respective necks of the woods. For me, it's back to my comfy bed and Harry Potter 7 on CD!

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lma said...

Sorry you're under the weather. I've been fighting off something (cold, flu, allergies? Who knows?), and so far it hasn't caught me. But, I was out to dinner tonight in a drizzle, so I don't know what effect that will have.

I love Michael Palin's travel shows. He just seems to be the perfect person to do those. Good sense of humor (that's the Python in him coming out) but a real eye for the odd and unusual that I think is important to really see the world as it is. My favorite thing from one of his series' was when he was in South America, going across the Andes on this little train. But the train car derailed, and it was so small that all the passengers got off and lifted it back onto the track and they were back on their way.

Hope you feel better soon.