remember remember

"Remember remember the fifth of November."

If it weren't for the movie V for Vendetta, I'd be extremely puzzled by the fireworks neighbors have been shooting off the past few nights. As an American, I'm only used to such things around the 4th of July! But luckily I put two and two together and remembered from my cinematic experience that it's almost Guy Fawkes night ... hence the annoying fireworks.

It's an interesting experience being in the midst of a culture that is very much like one's own but yet quite different. Not only do I not always understand colloquial expressions and vocabulary, I also tend to miss out on the pop culture references.


Turtle Lady said...

According to "The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter" Fawkes the phoenix is named for Guy Fawkes!

Mollie said...

I'm a little rusty on my English history, but I think there's a strong anti-Catholic element to Guy Fawkes Day celebrations. You'll probably be okay -- just don't mention the pope near anybody bearing fireworks!