Our first foundation

The first mission of the newly founded Sisters of St Joseph of Peace was begun in January 1884 in the town of Grimbsy, also known as "Great Grimsby" to distinguish it from another town of the same name. This picture is of a postcard that depicts Grimbsy in 1886. In the middle of the picture in the background is St. Mary's Church, where Margaret Anna Cusack and those first Sisters arrived just days after the community's founding, accompanied by Bishop Edward Bagshawe of Nottingham.
When the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace first came to Grimsby in 1884 ... there were only 2 professed members of the Order and the Order itself had yet to be approved by the Vatican. What was lacking in experience and numbers, however, was compensated for by their brand of enthusiasm that the virtues of Faith, Hope and their own brand of Charity would eventually bring Peace. These ideals would have to carry them through many great trials. (From Jacob's Ladder, William Bedford and Michael J. Knight)

Many were the kind things that had been said about these good women. People who came with messages of death spoke of what angels these women had been, and how they had been the one stream of light coming into their lives during very dark days. (Grimbsy Newspaper, 1909).
What is remarkable about both of these accounts of our early days, is that they are written not by our sisters waxing nostalgic, but by the people of Grimsby themselves. It is clear that our Sisters are held in great respect for the work they provided to all people - Catholics and non-Catholics - over the past 100+ years in Grimsby. I'll try to share more of the story over the next few days.

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