rome's blessing

Paulist novice Gashwin points out that the Pope's Vicar for the Diocese of Rome "hopes that religious men and women increase their use of information technology, and thus take advantage of what he called a new form of apostolate."
The 76-year-old prelate admitted, "I don’t understand the Internet, but especially young religious ought to enter blogs and correct the opinions of the youth, showing them the true Jesus.” ...

"Simply giving motivations for living defeats nihilism and gives value to the human person, a value that is based on Christ himself, the fact that God became a man."
Read the whole article on Zenit.

I'm not so into the whole idea of correcting other people's opinions, but I do believe that sharing my life experience is a positive statement that perhaps motivates others to find where God is calling them in their own lives.

In any case, nice to see the Vatican realizing the potential of the blogosphere.

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Lorna said...

not sure he'd approve of Rev Gals though - do you?