tuckered out

This will be a quick post as I am tuckered out from the UK Province Assembly today. We woke up early for the 2 hour drive north to Rearsby, which was followed by many hours of meeting new people and some deep prayer and sharing, and then the same drive home.

On the drive home I realized that I was suffering from Assembly Syndrome ... I've now attended Assemblies in all 3 of our provinces, and every time I leave with the same symptoms - my face muscles hurt from smiling and my stomach muscles from laughing! Even when we are engaged in serious discussions and sharing, I am always so happy to be with our Sisters and Associates!! Today was no exception. Even though I'm not exactly sure who it was that I met in the sea of faces and proffered hands/hugs, I know for certain that I was made to feel completely and utterly at home. I even helped to move some of the furniture back to its proper location afterwards!

The 3 Provinces (the US East Coast, US Pacific Northwest and UK) are certainly different in their approach and feel, but the same spirit pervades in each. One of our Sisters likes to say that the West is the head of the congregation (we like to talk!), the East is the hands (they are very involved in ministry to the poor), and the UK is the heart. Based on my experiences these past 3 years, I would say that is a fairly accurate portrait. The wonderful thing about a Congregation is that we have the whole body, mind and soul engaged in God's work!

Well, I'm tuckered out so I'm going to head to bed. Hope all is well in your respective worlds.


xsquared said...

This post made me smile :) Your joy is evident, and I hope it not only continues but grows. As always, you and your sisters are in my prayers.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful thought -- how together the three provinces with their unique expressions comprise the entire body of CSJP today!

Catholic said...

Great Catholic Website!