News from Rwanda

Last month I wrote about one of our Sisters - Mindy - who is spending the next 10 months as an AIDS/HIV nurse in Rwanda.

For those who are interested in following her adventures, you can read some of her first journal entries on the CSJP website.
For these first six weeks I'll be based here in Kigali; our current work is to identify infants and kids who need to be on AIDS medicines, but have been lost to follow up (since an HIV+ baby without treatment has about a 20-25% chance to reach age 5.) We are partnering with five other Rwandan teams of one doctor and one nurse each, and the UN has funded those teams for a few weeks of visiting Health Centers around the country, trying to identify children in need of treatment.

One wonderful thing about a religious community is that wherever one of our Sisters or Associates is, we all are.

Please keep Mindy and her ministry to the Rwandan people in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the various mission activities. It is so very interesting to learn about these areas and how these people live. God bless you and the others doing His Work throughout the world.