Forest of Dean

Those of you who have read HP 7 will understand why I was excited by this bit on BBC 2's Autumnwatch this evening: "tracking down an elusive animal in the Forest of Dean."

Yes ... the Forest of Dean! (Don't click this hyperlink if you for some reason care about HP and haven't yet read HP7 - it will spoil the fun).

They had beautiful shots of said forest as well as of the wild boar that have apparently returned there after being extinct for hundreds of years.

Life's simple pleasures ... it brought a smile to my face to think of Harry & Hermione having to not only look out for you know who's followers, but wild boar to boot. Not that I wish them any harm mind you, but it just made (what is admittedly an entirely fictional) "it" more real.

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Em said...

Oooo... That brought a smile to my face. Thanks, Susan! :)

Gotta love HP!!! :) :) :)

Em -xxx-