I saw this t-shirt for sale at a street market the other day and had to take a picture, although I don't know if I agree with the message! (If you can't read it the t-shirt says: "Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go to London".)

Seriously though, my time here continues to be enjoyable and enriching. The next few weekends will hold some travel for me, so I was happy to have the time to explore London a bit yesterday. Last night my house mates and I were given some complimentary tickets to a fund raiser for a local homeless charity. It was a wonderful evening of traditional irish music performed by the Maids of Erin -- a group of 6 18 year old women from Counties Limerick & Kerry. They were very talented!

I've got a full week at work coming up. Next weekend I will be traveling to Scotland to visit with our Sisters there. And upon my return next Monday I'll be attending a week-long course on obedience with novices from other religious communities.

Time is flying by!

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