Today I helped a client update his CV. He happened to be one of the first clients I helped when I started at the day center almost 3 months ago. He's still looking for full time work, but he did manage to find housing so he was updating the address on the CV. Since I helped him with the original CV, this was sort of going full circle.

I've still got this week and next at the day center, but my time there is drawing to a close. It has really been an honor to work as part of such a dedicated, caring and creative team. We've had quite a few clients move into full time or temporary work in the past few weeks. In fact today it was kind of quiet in the education training center, as some of our "regulars" were either at work or interviews.

My time there has helped me understand how important it is to have someone care about you. While the cv writing and techie help is important in this internet age, really I think the main thing the team in the education center provides is a caring presence in their chaotic lives. They give them encouragement to try, they challenge them when it's needed, and they always give congratulations when due - even for the small moments.

It reminds me of this line from our groovy constitutions:
Our call to peacemaking
permeates all aspects of our lives together.
It seeks expression in mutual love and concern
It challenges us to accept and share our gifts
and empower others to do likewise.
It pervades our prayer
and calls us to a life of simplicity and service.
(CSJP Constitutions 15)

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Turtle Lady said...

Sounds like you've enjoyed your time in London, and your work. I can't wait to hear about it from you in person in January!