Advent Musical Musings

I was at a loss for the mismash of thoughts and feelings going through my head and heart, so I turned to the trusty mp3 player. The result is a little bit spooky! And seasonally relevant – weird! You be the judge.

Song # 1 ~ Angels We Have Heard on High by Sufjan Stevens

An instrumental, actually from a great Christmas album (or more accurately collection). Christmas is sneaking up on me! Tomorrow we’re having our annual Christmas party for the Sisters next door, so the decorations went up today to make it more festive. I also need to finish my Christmas cards!

Song # 2 ~ Maranatha by T. Schoenbachler

Come O Lord and set us free … Maranatha

But before Christmas comes, it’s Advent. I love Advent. Isn’t it funny how when you were little – and before you were really aware of liturgical seasons – the days before Christmas DRAGGED ON! And now, as an adult, my experience is that I wish Advent was longer than it is! It's such an amazing season ... where else in our world, in our culture, do we celebrate the waiting?

Song # 3 ~ Grimbsy by Elton John

Oh oh Grimsby, a thousand delights
Couldn't match the sweet sights
Of my Grimsby
Oh England you're fair
But there's none to compare with my Grimsby

How funny that this song should come up! We were just talking after dinner tonight about our English province, and Grimsby in particular! One of the other novices was lucky enough to go there two summers ago She also happens to be an Elton John fan. I also learned a new fact today – that one of my favorite senior sisters in Seattle grew up in Grimbsy! And yes … the Grimsby Elton sings of is also the same place where our first foundation was started in 1884. And another yes …. I am a little “homesick” for the UK already. I’m readjusting to novitiate house and this is where I need to be, but I do miss London.

Song # 4 ~ Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club

Well he's the genius of love
He's got a greater depth of feeling
Well he's the genius of love
He's so deep.

Tom Tom Club? How did they get into my music collection???? And yet … it fits. Not to go into the details of my spiritual direction appointment yesterday, but this Advent I’ve been feeling something different. It’s more personal somehow. Waiting in anticipation for Jesus in my own heart, if that makes any sense. Making room for him, for the genius of his love. He’s got a greater depth of feeling than I will ever have, and yet he’s calling me, inviting me to go deeper with him. And together, who knows what we can do??

Song # 5 ~ Jesus by Voice of the Beehive

Help me in my weakness
Cause I’m falling out of grace
Jesus … Jesus …

Because with him all things are possible. Good to remember. The desire is there and he’s holding out his hand and all the rest that will get in the way as I stumble and fall and … pardon my French … inevitably screw up once again is ok because Jesus is there to help me in my weakness and call me further into his love.

Song # 6 ~ O Come O Come Emmanuel by Sufjan Stevens

Which is why I laughed when this version of O Come O Come Emmanuel came up next. It’s an instrumental, but you know the song. God with us. Do you ever stop to think of the amazing simplicity and awesomeness of the incarnation and then stop and say … Wow! God was here on earth, born of a woman, living and breathing just like you and me. God was with us ... God is with us ... Jesus is coming!

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Laurie said...

Glad to see another fan of the Sufjan Stevens Christmas collections.