greetings from the couch

Greetings from my brother's couch - which was my bed up until a few hours ago when I woke up and turned it back into a couch! I've got two cats playing around me and family members sleeping upstairs. (I'm still on east coast time).

I arrived in California yesterday after a brief stop in Portland. I'll spend a few more days in Portland on the way back to Jersey next weekend. I saw a few friends, played with a few friends' kids, visited the Jesuit novitiate where my bloggy friend formerly known as Omis lives, and went to lunch in my old neighborhood. Quite a lot crammed into just over 24 hours!

I knew I was in Portland when I stepped off the plane and heard a woman say to her 8 year old niece ... "Welcome honey! Did you bring your rain gear?"!.

Now I'm in sunny California, so my rain gear is safely put away for the moment. I must see if I can located my sunglasses though!

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Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

Sounds great! I'm currently in Indianapolis at my sister's until Sunday... enjoying her three children (ages 5, 4, 18 months) and the noise & toys!
Enjoy sunny California!