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The latest issue of the Seattle Catholic Paper has three great stories featuring my groovy sisters.

The first is a profile of one of our women in initial formation. Cynthia is a candidate living with our Sisters in Seattle.
Cynthia Brown, 47, straddles two worlds.

In one world she is a data technical representative for Wireless Data Solutions, a division of telecommunications giant T-Mobile. In her other world, she is in discernment for a vocation to religious life. She gave up her apartment and now lives in community with four Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in a house in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Read More..
The second is about Sisters who are working with the poor on the margins. It features one of our sponsored ministries (Jubilee womens' Center) and my friend (and mentor from my own candidate days), Sister Julie.
Julie Codd, a Sister of Saint Joseph of Peace, felt a special call to minister to Native peoples. For ten years she worked with the Swinomish Tribe in LaConner in Skagit County. Returning to Seattle in the early 199o’s, she began ministering to homeless American Indian and Alaska Native men living on the streets who told her about the Chief Seattle Club.

One morning in 1991, Sister Julie dropped in to the Chief Seattle Club, located in the Lazarus Day Center in Pioneer Square. Octogenarian Jesuit Father Talbot who founded the Club in 1970, told her he was sick and planning to shut the operation down. He asked her to keep the doors open.

“I was so blown away. I had just dropped in for the morning,” Sister Julie said.

There was no pay, just a great need. Sister Julie’s community agreed that she should serve these men.

Returning the next morning, Sister Julie unlocked the doors and served the coffee. Then she added nourishing soups made by elderly Sisters in her community. She formed a board of directors and raised money. Now, The Chief Seattle Club provides warm food, showers, laundry, medical care and other needed services.
Read more ...

The last tells the story of how our Sisters came to the Northwest.

All in all some wonderful press!!!

Give them a read if you have a moment or two.

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Garpu the Fork said...

I've heard of them...they do a lot of good things, as opposed to some church groups that provide charity with strings attached.