Oops I did it again

One of the tools I use for my daily reflection time is the Living with Christ missal. In addition to the daily liturgical readings, it also includes a variety of prayer and reflection resources.

This morning I read these words from Joyce Rupp, OSM. Coming from someone like her, they're a great comfort!
I can desire to be a loving, compassionate, forgiving individual, yet fail at it time and again when I strain to be better. Only when I wake up and realize "Oops, there I go again, trying to do it all on my own" do I move toward the virtues I hope to have growing within me.

I have found this to be especially effective with relationship difficulties. When I become a conduit for God's love to move through me, I much more readily approach others in a kind manner. What a treasure to have the loving energy of God draw forth and actualize each gift I have been given!

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