Send a Christmas Message to Palestinian Christians

Finished your Christmas Cards??? Why not send a message of peace and hope to Christians in Bethlehem. From the Pax Christi International Website:

Christmas Peace and Justice Wishes and Prayers for Bethlehem 2007

For the eighth consecutive year Christmas celebrations will take place in a difficult climate for all peoples in the Holy Land . Nonetheless, many individuals and groups refuse to give up, and are searching for non-violent ways to voice their rights and work for a peaceful and just future for both peoples. We pray for justice, peace and security for Israel and Palestine . All individual members and member organisations and partners are invited to email Advent and Christmas wishes, and prayers for peace to our friends in Bethlehem . This a “low level action” in which all individuals and local communities can participate.

Pax Christi International, the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Church and Peace, the Justice and Peace Commission of Jerusalem, the Presidency of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions, as well as the Asian Center for the Progress of Peoples are supporting this initiative which has been put forth by other partners in Palestine—the Arab Educational Institute, Library on Wheels for Non-violence and Peace, the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation and Wi’am Center.

Please e-mail your Christmas messages and prayers for peace before 25 December. English is the preferred language; however, non-native English speakers may also send wishes and prayers in their mother tongue. Messages can be submitted on Pax Christi’s website at www.paxchristi.net or emailed to peace-message@paxchristi.net. These messages will simultaneously go to Bethlehem and be posted on the website of IFOR (www.ifor.org) as well.

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