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We've been back at the Novitiate House just over a week. In that time we've been setting up house things (we've got a new mix of folks here, so it's important to renegotiate how we live our daily life together), had meetings with our Novice Director, started talks about where I might spend my next ministry experience in February, and hosted a party for the senior sisters next door. And last night/today we had an informative and thought provoking workshop on the vows in the context of our CSJP Constitutions. I also managed to cook dinner one night, go grocery shopping for the house and get my Christmas cards out. Whew!! It's been good, but it's been full.

One key aspect that our workshop presenter brought to our attention (thanks Terry!) was some of our founder Margaret Anna Cusack's writings on the vowed life. Looking at the business of my ordinary life this past week, I think this particular quote is worth some reflection.

In God's name let us resolve from this moment to become saints - nothing less will do; and let us remember that to become saints we must do the will of God. Talking and wishing and beginning will not be sufficient. ... Our sanctity is doing our ordinary duties and living our ordinary life perfectly. ... The saints did just the same things we do. They ate and drank and slept and took recreation; some of them never undertook extraordinary actions; yet they were saints.
-Margaret Anna Cusack, The Spouse of Christ)

Perfection is not something I am likely to reach - and really that's language from her time. But there is definitely something to being attentive to the "sanctity" of ordinary life.

This quote also reminds me of something the wise Master Yoda once "said": Do or do not, there is no try.

Good night everyone!


Anonymous said...

Margaret Anna has been compared to many people, favorably and unfavorably, over the years but I am certain this is the first time that her thought was found resonant with that of Master Yoda!

Congratulations on raising CSJP spirituality to the galactic level!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I'm sure she'd approve! ;)

Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

Hi! It's been a while since I've had a chance to read your blog. Welcome home I guess is in order.
I will try to visit your blog more often... I always enjoy reading it.
Recently I was "tagged" on my blog. Now, I'm passing along the tag. See my blog for details...
Many blessings!

redheadedcyclone said...

Yet, without the motivation of 'trying' one would not ever succeed at anything. Without 'trying' new things, you would never have approached the fullness you have now...

I love the thought that being saintly is simply (ha!) being the best at whatever you are doing at that moment.

Another quote: "Do not think you will necessarily be aware of your own enlightenment." I've seen it attributed to many different Eastern Thinkers... which make the quote even better...