I'm still here ... sorry for the lack of substantive posts. Those of you who read the blog while I was in London will probably be recognizing a similar pattern. As I get deeper into this balancing full time ministry with community life and prayer life all the while trying to have a wee bit of "Susan time," I blog less. But all is well. I'm settling into my new situations. I even managed to head into NYC last night to meet bloggy friend Mollie for the first time! We went to hear Sr. Elizabeth Johnson talk about her new book, "Quest for the Living God." While Elizabeth Johnson is now a theologian and college professor, she was once an elementary school teacher. I think maybe this is why she can share complex concepts in a way that the non-academic can not only understand, but not be bored by!

As to meeting my bloggy friend in real life, that was great as well. This is my fourth or fifth real life interaction with a friend from the virtual world of blogs. The funny thing is, you always feel like you've known them in real life for ages!

That's about all I can manage update wise now for now. Hope all is well in your respective worlds.


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