leap year

I realized this afternoon that this is my first leap day in about 12 years that I haven't participated in a leaping frog race!

What am I going on about??? Well, I spent 11 years of my adult life working in the same office doing the same types of bureaucratic things, albeit with varying levels of responsibility over the years.

But what I loved about work was what came along every few months ... the office parties. And perhaps the most fun party* was the every-4-years leap year party. Our Leap Year Party always featured a bad poetry contest and a leaping frog race- using the toy pictured to the right and our long conference table. It was always such a joy watching grown ups pump the little plastic pump trying to get their frog to jump quickly in a straight line. I almost always ended up in hysterics.

I found myself wondering today if they had the party this year. I hope they did. In fact, I sent an e-mail to my old boss (who was usually the mastermind behind our parties) to see how it went.

*A close tie for most fun party was the one I orchestrated for Boss Appreciation Week one year. It turned out that both my boss (the one who always planned our parties) and her boss were not only out of town, but out of the country during Boss's week that year. I had the brilliant idea to have a Boss Appreciation party without them! Lest you think no work was done, the party was really just an afternoon break with snacks. But we did take a picture of our party, which I turned into cards that we posted on both of their doors. The caption on the cards said ... "Happy Boss's week ... Wish You'd Been Here!"

Happy as I am on my current path in life and as happy as I am not to be a bureaucrat anymore, there are things I miss. Auditor's Office parties are one!

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