moving on up

Tomorrow morning I move out of the Novitiate House and into my new temporary digs in Jersey City. Next week I begin my Spring ministry experiences. As I was sending my new contact info out to family & friends I realized something.

My house in London was 157 W____ Lane.

My house in Jersey City is 257 B____ Ave.

So I'm just moving on up the street, in a manner of thinking. Which is true. I am continuing my discernment journey, building upon what I learned in London about the balancing act that is religious life. Please keep me in your prayers over the next weeks as I get to know a new living community, immerse myself in new ministries with the vulnerable, and figure out how to make time and room for God in the process.

But for now, I'm working on some more de-cluttering. I honestly do NOT know where the stuff comes from!

I'm sure I'll check in again in a few days, although my main priority of course will be getting settled and spending time with my new living community. Plus, I have a wee bit of sorting out of internet access issues (and setting up a wireless network). So until then, have a wonderful 1st full week of Lent.

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