Odd Shots

Bloggy friend Katney is starting a new meme ... "Odd Shots Monday".
An odd shot could be something very ordinary taken at an odd angle that makes it a really cool picture. It could be an odd combination of things that make you laugh. It could be an unusual occurrence or sight. It could be any photo that defies categories or themes for other memes. There may be other definitions, so this rule is open ended.
Read all of the rules here.

Here's my contribution ....

(And for the record, I have a very busy monday so I posted this early on Sunday evening!)


Katney said...

Well, it certainly fits the definition. What is that bulldog painted on? I know you didn't cheat and photoshop it in, so it's got to be defying--not gravity but something.

I think you will like mine tomorrow. Be sure to stop by sometime and see.

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

It's painted on a wall above the building. I took this on Portabello Road in London last December when I was there.

Thanks for the inspiration! I have lots of random photos! :)

Anonymous said...

Susan - not an "Od Shots" comment -but I wanted you to know that I continue to keep you in thought and prayer as you begin your next ministry experience. May it be fulfilling for you in many ways.

Paulie said...

I was sure I had visited your site this morning--maybe it was last night. . . Maybe I got here and forgot to comment? Anyway, the dog certainly is out of place and seems to be suspended in mid-air.

david mcmahon said...

You might be a novice by vocation, but not when you are behind a camera lens. That's a perfect way to start this theme.

(Came here from Katney's blog)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a floating dog :)

Welcome and thank you for an odd shot .