We drove up to East Coast Groovy Sister HQ for a very special ceremony today - our annual Associate covenanting. Many religious communities have Associates - women and men who identify with the charism and mission of the community and try to live out that spirit in their work life, volunteer work, and family relationships.

From my experience and perspective, our CSJP Associates give so much life to our Congregation. They are not just people who show up for prayer days - they help to organize them. They are not just people who share our concern for the poor - they are in the trenches working to help them. They are not just people who like the way of life of the Sisters - they are people who truly embody our way of being in their own lives and support and encourage the Sisters and other Associates to do the same. In short, the vibrancy and vitality of our Associates are part of what make me not concerned about the future of our Community. Together, we will dream the dreams God has in store for us.

At the annual covenanting ceremony, our Associates publicly affirm their commitment to our charism of peace through justice. It is a time to recognize them, and to celebrate in the context of a Eucharistic celebration. Not to mention the party afterwards! Great fun was surely had by all ...


Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

It's been a while since I've stopped by your blog... I'm enjoying catching up with what's been going on!
It looks like life has been good and full for you... with celebrations and reflections.
I especially enjoyed reading about your associates. We also have a lay branch of our Marianist family. It is a true gift, isn't it?
Easter peace & joy to you!

Katy V. said...

Wow...I have been researching this very thing myself in the past several days, and wondering what being the associate member of a community would be like. In fact, I blogged about it today before reading this. Thanks for this blog.