music in the neighborhood

I invited some of the Sisters to join me tonight to hear some live music. You see, last month I discovered that there's a once a month folk music series next door in the historic courthouse (not the much uglier newer courthouse where I work two days a week). If there's one thing I love, it's live music. Sadly, these days I don't get to hear much live music so when I heard there was a reasonably priced show so close to home, I jumped at the chance. I'm happy to report that not only was I not disappointed, I discovered a new to me singer songwriter ... Amy Speace, who it turns out lives in Jersey City. I also loved her very apt description of the neighborhood where I live.
This neighborhood has always kind of scared me ... it's all the bail bond places.
(So true ... but it's home. And while the proximity to the courthouse = all the bail bond places, it also means I can walk to work two days a week! And to the concert tonight!)

She had some great songs - many of which are on her new album coming out in the fall. In the meantime, you can hear some of her music on her website and or buy music from her Songs for Bright Street Album on itunes.

She also had a great new song, that's so sad it's funny, about her recent run ins with the Jersey City Parking Violation Authority. As a former bureaucrat, I felt bad that her experience was so awful. But it certainly made for a very funny song (you can read her blog version of the story on her myspace page - I have to say though the written form can't touch the song which I hope she records).

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Lisa said...

That's cool. And it warms my heart to hear that people are enjoying the local culture of "home, sweet home."