International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. In honor of the day, I thought I'd share something that the founder of my community, Margaret Anna Cusack, wrote in her 1874 book Women's Work in Modern Society:
Give women their rights then, for these rights are justice – justice to men as well as women, for the interests of men and women cannot be separated. Let women have the possession and the control of their property; it is necessary right for the rich as well as for the poor.

(You can read the full book for free on Google Books)
One of the Sisters I lived with in the UK also sent me this link to three short films on the guardian website about why International Women's Day matters, in particular key issues that affect women in the developing world. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say i really enjoy reading your posts and to keep posting; it's very helpful to me as i discern my calling...thanks!

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Thanks! It always helps to know that others find my random musings helpful in their own journeys.

Blessings of peace on your journey.

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