It's raining here in Seattle. In fact, that's the forecast for the forseeable future. Most of the Sisters are sad the sunny days they had didn't stick around for the assembly. I'm staying quiet about this ..... but I love the rain. It's something I really miss being out west ... those days of constant light rain. Makes me happy! :)

Although I would like to walk the grounds, especially down to the lake. So a respite in the rain would be a good thing. I'd even enjoy a sunbreak or two!


Lisa said...

I wasn't big on a rain when I was younger. But I recall a conversation that a Sister on my high school faculty had with me one day in the cafeteria. I don't recall how the conversation started, but I recall we wound up talking about her silver jubilee which had taken place just a year or two before. The day of Sister's jubilee it rained, actually I think it poured. At first, that might have ruined a special day, but S. M. Michelle found blessings in the rain and a new appreciation for rain. So anytime it rained after that, it returned her thoughts to her special day of JUBILEE!

I share this because from her I learned a new appreciation for the rain and often enjoy it and find God in it. Rains falling on the days of a community assembly can have their own messages and be a vehicle for faith-sharing, bonding, and coming together!

So, enjoy! And I hope you get down to the lake at least for a few minutes :)

Garpu said...

On one of those "you know you've been living in the Pacific NW too long when" emails that was going around there was one that said, "you know you've been living in the PacNW too long when you know the difference between a sunbreak and a sunshower." ;)