scaring the nuns

Greetings from west coast groovy sister hq. I got in late last night. It's 5:30 am but 8:30 am east coast time so I'm wide awake. I stayed in bed as long as I could, and then thought I'd come to the main building and sneak downstairs (so as not to wake up anyone) to check my e-mail on the library computer.

Of course wouldn't you know it, one of the sisters was up too and saw me out of the corner of her eye and thought I was a burglar. A few minutes ago three sisters (at least one in her bathrobe) came down to the library to see who the burglar was. Needless to say they were quite relieved to learn it was just their long lost novice feeding her internet addiction.

I came back to visit just in time I think! Now I must turn off this machine and head upstairs for an early morning breakfast and visit.


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Thanks for your Blog :) God Bless you