Seattle Bound

Tomorrow afternoon I'm headed to Seattle for a week. Well, I'm flying into Seattle but staying in Bellevue, WA at west coast groovy sister hq.

The entire province is gathering over the weekend for our Spring Assembly. We'll have meetings and business to take care of, but it will also be a time to reconnect, share stories and have fun. It's a "homecoming" time of sorts. I'll also be meeting with my province leader and formation director to start talking about what I might be doing after I profess vows in the fall! Exciting stuff ...

While I've been in NJ (and for 3 months in England) for my novitiate years, I first met the CSJPs in Seattle. When I first "fell in love" with the community it was because of the Sisters and Associates I got to know there as an inquirer, pre-candidate and candidate. I haven't been home to our western province since last March Assembly so I'm really looking forward to my trip! Plus, St. Mary-on-the-lake (aka west coast groovy sister hq) is beautiful sacred ground.

I'm sure I'll check in a bit while I'm away, but don't know how regularly.

I return to NJ next Wednesday, but then go immediately on a silent Holy Week Retreat during which I can guarantee I won't be posting on the blog.

So, to make a long story short I won't be back to regular postings until after Easter Sunday.



Lisa said...

I think that you will have good days ahead... Enjoy and be enriched and energized and affirmed!

Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

Oh! Have such a wonderful time in Seattle, with your groovy community. What a beautiful place to be!

It's so exciting for me to read the experiences you are having--thank you for sharing them! I look forward to seeing how your spirit moves in the next year as you prepare and make your profession.

Much peace!

Katney said...

St. Mary on the Lake trully is a beautiful and sacred ground. I have been there a couple of times and once was definitely in spring. I remember the walks lined with pots of daffodils. Blessings, and see you here again when you return.

Garpu said...

Did someone say Seattle? Should have really great weather for it.

Discerner from Down Under said...

That sounds lovely. Enjoy. :)

Just in case I don't check in with you before you leave for your retreat, I wish you and your "groovy sisters" a blessed and most holy Easter. :)

Hey, does "the Easter bunny" visit the convent? ;)

Em -xxx-