lonely vs. alone

Julie's got a great post up answering the question: Do nuns ever feel lonely? Go read her thoughts and join the conversation.

It's kind of timely actually - given my recent post about needing to schedule "Susan" time. Tomorrow I'm planning to spend the day running errands and generally hanging out with myself. In my experience and with my personality, I find that the community aspect of religious life means that I have great relationships and connections with people. I sometimes (but rarely) feel lonely. Most of the time, it's more of a struggle to get my alone time!


Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

Hi! I decided to stop by your blog today to see what's been going on. I'm back in Texas for "vow preparation." The date will be here before I know it!
What about you? When do you profess? Many prayers as you head toward "the home stretch."

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

We have the date scheduled - in October - but I won't be applying for vows until June.

We head back to the Novitiate in the middle of May for another series of classes/workshops and vow discernment and preparation.

Exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan Rose! This is a wonderful observation on the flip-side of loneliness. Being a community woman and involved in ministry it can be difficult to find alone time and retreat time. Some days, I'd like to find a place on the planet where there is no wireless and nothing to plug into except God and solitude.

Blessings to you as you continue preparation.