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Have any of you discovered Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet, a new-ish radio program on public radio? They had a fascinating episode on the creed in Christian tradition a few weeks ago.

They're using the occasion of the Pope's visit to America to gather stories (anonymously) of everyday Catholics.


Share your personal reflections on the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI will be making his first papal visit to the U.S. in April, to help revitalize and strengthen the U.S. church. He will be stopping in Washington D.C. and New York City to offer mass at Nationals Park and Yankee Stadium, visit the White House, and address the United Nations.

We're using the occasion as an opportunity to start a broad-ranging conversation about the rich tradition of Roman Catholicism -- its history, trajectory, and the contemporary issues Catholics are wrestling with. Although we often hear news stories about the Catholic Church, diverse practitioners of the faith have had little voice in telling their stories.

If you are or were Catholic, we'd like to hear your perspectives on what anchors and unsettles you in this vast tradition. We're also interested in the hopes and concerns you have for the church, now and into the future.

Why not contribute your own story via their online survey?

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LB said...

A friend pointed the show out to me when they repeated the program interviewing Sister Joan Chittister. I've been listening since--sometimes I find the show really dull, but usually it's fascinating and illuminates things that I had never thought about before.

I have been mulling over what I could say for the SoF survey...it's hard to crystallize what I feel and what I believe into a form that might be useful to them.

I am encouraging people to take the Beliefnet survey, which has some structural problems, but could still use a wide variety of voices. It's longer, but not as open-ended...and being forced to respond "yes or no" made me think a lot about my positions and why I believe what I do.