yes I am tall

I ran across this button in the virtual world. Ok, maybe it was on Facebook but I'm not addicted or anything. It's just a good way to keep tabs on my nieces & nephews ... honest! :) And friends. Anyway .... back to the button.

I'm not actually that tall, but compared to tiny elderly Irish nuns, I'm Giant-sized-tall! There's one sister at east coast groovy sister hq who always asks me if the air is different up there. A real life version of this button could come in handy!

Seriously though, I used to collect buttons. I gave away many of them - although I kept some - and have acquired a few more. Imagine how happy I was to discover via my youngest cousin that you can collect virtual buttons on Facebook! Not only that, they're called "Flair" - which anyone who has seen the movie Office Space will appreciate.

Silly, but fun. You need that sometimes.

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