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A friend asked me what I'm up to these days now that I'm back at the Novitiate house. Well, I've got a million things to do, and yet our time here these days (until our General Chapter at the end of July) is fairly unstructured.

First and foremost I have a million books I want to read. You think that you'll have all this time to read in the novitiate, and yet somehow you don't. Now I do, so that's good.

I want to look over my notes from the courses and workshops I've taken the past two years - as well as sort through what to take with me when I leave and what to send to recycling heaven.

I need to sort through my stuff, figure out what to give away, and start packing boxes to ship back to Seattle. It's absolutely frightening how quickly things - mostly books and paper - accumulate!

I want to spend some more time reflecting and writing about my experience at the UN and the workshop I attended last week on the vows and the new universe story. Not to mention the vows in general!

There are a few sights in the NYC area I never made it to ... I'm hoping to check those out.

Lots of little and big things on the list, plenty to keep me busy while I wait to hear back on vows (I sent my letter requesting vows earlier this month). I'm also waiting to hear back about a job for September.

All in all, a good summer. This is probably the biggest block of unstructured time I'm going to see in a long, long time, so I'm planning to make the most of it!

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