Radical Amazement

I'm reading a book recommended by my Vows/Universe Story workshop presenter last week: Radical Amazement: Contemplative Lessons From Black Holes, Supernovas, and Other Wonders of the Universe by Judy Cannato.
The fact that we are the universe come to conscious self-awareness is radically amazing. Consider this: You are able to sit and read these words as the result of 13.7 billion years of development. Over the last four billion years, life on Earth has developed from primordial cells that did not even have a nucleus into Homo sapiens. The water in your body contains primordial hydrogen formed in the first seconds of the Big Bang. The carbon atoms that form you came together as a result of the explosion of a supernova. The concentration of salt in your body matches the concentration of salt in the ancient seas. Your cells are direct descendants of unicellular organisms that developed billions of years ago. You have a reptilian brain and are able to walk courtesy of vertebra that developed 510 million years ago. You see because chlorophyll molecules mutated so that, like plant leaves, your eyes can capture the light from the Sun. And in your mother's womb your tiny body repeated the whole process of multicellular life on Earth, beginning as a single cell and then developing greater and greater complexity.
That is pretty amazing!

I bought this book because I am not a science type person, and it was described as giving 8th grade science level descriptions. I'm about half way through and I think I pretty much understand it! Plus, it's just very well written. I highly recommend the book if you're thinking about exploring the spiritual implications of our broadening understanding of the universe.

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