I've been baking batches of chocolate chip cookies to share at our General Chapter later this month. There's something meditative for me about baking chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps why I found this article in today's NYT so interesting!
Perfection? Hint: It’s Warm and Has a Secret

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Anonymous said...

I read the NYT Cookies article this morning. also read about 60 of the comments. Loved the connection of cookies and family. Most people wrote of their grandmother, mother, kids, who made the recipe. Loved how each took the recipe and made it their own. And how each family thought theirs was the 'best.'
It made me smile because that is the first cookie I remember baking with my Mom. And like you I sent article to my brother and friends.
I am an 'other' on your poll who never voted. Once connected with the CSJP's....wonderful women!
Have a great time with your cookies at chapter. Oh, and I'm gonna refrig my batter for 36 hours next time I make them.