Giving Voice Weekend Update - the less serious side

This past weekend I was privileged to gather with other Sisters in their 20s & 30's from a variety of Congregations for a retreat weekend in Florida - organized by Giving Voice. We prayed, we shared, we prayed and shared some more. We also played games, chatted, shared meals, and generally had a great time.

It just so happened that there was a parish co-ed Young Adult Singles retreat happening that same weekend at the retreat center! On Saturday afternoon, our break time coincided with their break time. So we did what any young nuns in the sun would do ... we challenged them to a game of touch football. It was one of those moments where you just had to be there, but I'll try to tell part of the story in pictures.

Above: Young Nuns Strategize
Above: Making the play
Above: High Five after a successful play
Above: Group photo of Giving Voice team and Parish Young Adults

We lost of course. And truth be told, I chose the role of photo journalist over player which was a win win situation for everyone. Have I told you how incredibly uncoordinated I am???

We had a great time though, and I think expanded the horizons of some of the young adults. While I was on the sidelines taking photos, I overheard things like ...
"Woah, that Sister shows no mercy!"

"Dude, you totally just got taken out by a nun!"

"These are some cool nuns."
Later on that night I passed some of them in the hallway. They were still talking about us.

On Sunday we went out to lunch at a local restaurant before heading our separate ways. Our waitress was fascinated by us, and I think told everyone in the restaurant that we were nuns. A few folks came over to say hi. When we left, every eye was on us as we made our way to the door.

On the one hand, it's sad that it was so unusual to see a group of younger religious having fun. On the other hand, it was really great to be able to be part of such a powerful witness.

Yes Virginia, people do still become nuns. And they can be fun!

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