moving around

The first 18 years of my life I spent in the same room in the same house on the same street in the same town.

Of the next 18 years of my life (which is half of my life as I'm 36 these days), I spent 11 years living in another house on another street in another town.

Of course, in the last two years I've moved 6 times, and lived in four places - Englewood Cliffs and Jersey City, New Jersey, London and now Bellevue, Washington.

I wouldn't say that I like moving, but I'm realizing that on this journey of mine, I've started to feel at home wherever I am. One wonderful thing about being part of a religious community is that you have lots of places to call home. But that's not why I feel at home wherever I've ended up lately. I think it's more that I 'm more at home with myself and with God if that makes any sense, so I'm less hung up on where that happens to be. (Of course, I am very happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest, but that's another topic.)

All the moving around can become somewhat annoying though, especially when it comes to practical things like doctors and dentists and pharmacies and car mechanics and hair dressers, etc... You have to keep finding new ones.

I went to a new doctor today. She was awesome, even though I happened upon her by chance (and my preferred provider directory).

Those are my rambling thoughts this night. Can you tell I'm starting to feel better?

Peace my bloggy friends,

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