Weekend Update

We had a bit of sun and blue skies in Seattle today. A welcome change from the weather we've been having. I took the opportunity to clean out the car that I've been driving the past five months. We have a small fleet of cars that are assigned to Sisters who need to drive for their ministries. I'm a commuter these days, driving about 20-30 minutes each way to my ministry in Seattle. I asked if I could trade in my car for a smaller one with better fuel economy. Happily, a smaller car became available this month. Before turned in the keys to the old car I took it in for a tune up and cleaned it up so that it's ready for the next person who drives it. Common property means common responsibility after all, and the "nun" code is very similar to the Boy/Girl Scout code of leaving things better than you found them!

We have some visitors here at groovy sister hq this weekend. One of the Sisters has family visiting from out of town. A few Sisters who live other places are also here for the weekend. And we have two young women here on retreat.

It's always fun to see people's reactions to the fun and amazing elderly Sisters that live here. I was talking with the two retreatants earlier today. Since I'm the youngest person living here by far - it's our retirement center - and around their own age, they were intrigued. So I told them a bit about my journey. I also said that I chose to live here for a bit to soak up the wisdom of these wise Sisters. Plus, I said, they're fun. And funny.

"Oh yeah," one of them said. "They're definitely funny."

Apparently they've been getting quite a kick out of some of the conversations they've overheard. In particular, there's a bit of talk this weekend about the Super Bowl tomorrow. There's of course going to be a Super Bowl party in the community room.

Well, that's a bit of what's happening in my life this weekend. I hope yours is safe and enjoyable wherever you are!


Susan Dewitt said...

So which car did you end up with? Enquiring Sisters want to know....

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

The silver Hyundai. It drives just fine and has a working tape deck so I was able to buy an adapter to listen to my iPod. I'm all set!