Life is good. I've been out of the novitiate now for almost seven months. It's been a little over six months since vows. I'm really enjoying my ministry. It's been great living with the Senior Sisters here at groovy sister hq, getting to know them better as well as their stories. I've been able to head down to Portland a few times to see friends. Still working on making friends my own age in the Seattle area ... that will come.

My main challenges are the normal kind ... the old elusive balance. Finding/making time for ministry, community, prayer, self-care, friends, etc... I know that I have workaholic genes, and as I really love my ministry the main challenge is to keep that work-life balance fairly healthy. Of course then there are weeks like this week, when I have two evening work activities and am spending my weekend participating in a Lenten Retreat day (and giving one of the reflections).

I also feel somewhat devoid of anything major to write about on the blog. As I said, life is good. No major angst to sort through. No major questions to discern. Not much to say.

So, I'll give my readers a chance. Anything you'd like this discerning woman to muse about?

If not, something will come to me I'm sure. But for now, I'm going to head early to bed.

Peace Out,
Susan Rose


Garpu said...

Heh. I'm around! been really stupidly busy lately and had a sinus infection.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sr, I know you dont get a lot of comments on your site but I read it regularly and love reading your little blogs even if you 'dont have much to blog'. I dont have much else to add - just wanted to say that. God bless you on your journey. I am on a similar one and am always strengthened knowing there are others.