The Weekend

Hello again. As I promised in my Wednesday night post, blogging was certainly light over the weekend! I was super busy doing lots of little things to help make the Women's Convocation go smoothly. I was too close to the details to really tell, but from what I've heard from friends and community members who attended, it was amazing. And, I must say, I certainly picked that up from the buzz of positive energy that filled the Meydenbauer Center on Friday & Saturday.

Imagine ...

1,800 women (and a few good men), gathered under one roof for two days of prayer and celebration and contemplation and dialogue and discussion, with 30+ nationally/internationally known speakers sharing their wisdom (including Cokie Roberts, Meg Wheately, Ivone Gebara, Riane Eisler, John Dear, Edwina Gately, my friend Maria Cimperman, and many more ...).

The theme was "Dawning of a New Story: Radical Hope."

Even though I missed most of the conversation/speakers as I sorted out the logisical stuff, I am still filled with radical hope for our church and our world. The energy, the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the sharing ... together, we are the Church. It's good to have concrete reminders of that from time to time!

And while I was incredibly exhausted in the aftermath of helping things to go smoothly, what a joy to know that in my little ways and with my amazing coworkers and our hundreds of volunteers, I helped to create the space where this happened.

Very cool.

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Garpu said...

Cool! i've heard almost universally that it was a positive experience!