Blog Life Meets Real Life

In the past week I have met four people in real life that I've come to know over the past few month/ years through the blog. Three were fellow Sister Bloggers: Sister Julie of A Nun's Life who I met today in Chicago for coffee, soon to be RSCJ Candidate Juliet of Seeking Sophie who I sat next to at the Giving Voice Conference all weekend, and Sister Nicole of Life of a New Sister who I also met at Giving Voice. The fourth wasn't a blogger (at least I don't think so) but someone I've come to know through my blog and a subsequent Facebook friendship (thanks for the tour Michelle!).

I have made some very good and quite possibly life long friends via the electronic medium. I've also kept in touch with other real life friends via e-mail and facebook and blog over the past few years. Yes, the internet can be a place fo dangerous and illegal activities to happen. But it can also be a place where like minded and hearted people can gather, share thoughts and dreams and hopes and challenges, and form community of a sort.

But as much as I love my internet based relationships, it's always nice to meet them in person and put a face and a real human being to the web based personality!

Tonight is my last night in Chicago. Going out to dinner with my sister and her husband and one of my sister's best friends from elementary school who is also in town. It will be fun to reconnect with her in person as well.

I've had so many in person connections this past week!


Pachyderm said...

That's awesome, Sr Susan. I'd love to meet all my bloggy friends, but might have to wait a bit as most of you live on the other side of the world!

Would love to hear a bit more about the Giving Voice conference. NZ doesn't have anything like this for younger religious, and it gets hard being the youngest all the time (even at 33!).

Robyn tssf

Sarah said...

Any time you're over this way it'd be great to meet you. Sydney isn't THAT far away is it?!
Some of the older sisters think it's a bit odd that I have "friends" that I've never met but I think it's a wonderful thing!! God works in many, diverse, wonderous ways!

Christopher said...

Of course there's a dark side to the internet, and that's all the more reason why blogs such as this are a blessing - because they shine such a welcome light in cyberspace. I too have made some friendships online which I treasure, and in three cases I have subsequently met these friends in real life - an amazing experience, because you know so much about each other before you meet face to face :)

Sr.Nicole Trahan said...

I agree wholeheartedly that it's great to be able to put a face (and a voice) with blog friends. That's one of the things I appreciated about the time at Giving Voice - among other things that I'm still "unpacking."

Enjoy your last day in Chicago!